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Thread: Another Pro Rassler Dies Tragically

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    When I found out it was fake, I pretty much stopped watching it. Although that might have been because it was becoming more sideshow, less wrestling. While I don't care for pro wrasslin at all, I still am upset by the toll it's taking on the wrestlers themselves.
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    I wish I could change the subject line of this thread I started, since apparently Chris Benoit did not die tragically; it appears only his wife and seven-year-old son died tragic deaths at his hands... while he allegedly died a coward's death.

    As someone who's somewhat a student of wrestling history -- and is aware of the long tradition of great amateur wrestlers finding fame and fortune as pro rasslers, going back to guys like Earl McCready from OK State in the late 1920s -- I'm bugged by how amateur wrestling isn't willing to divorce itself from today's pro scene (which is totally unlike what it was in the early 1900s or even 15-20 years ago). Pro rasslers who mock their amateur wrestling backgrounds are celebrated by many in the amateur wrestling world. I know, I know... it's all an act. But I have my doubts that these guys know they're acting. (If it all is indeed an act, wow, give that man an Oscar!)

    We can only hope that the rising popularity of MMA -- and the steady drumbeat of pro rasslers dying way way way too young under freakish circumstances, many times seemingly steriod-caused or -related) -- will help to sever the ties between the real thing we call wrestling... and the thing that calls itself "wrestling entertainment."


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    Well said Mark.

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