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Thread: Happy Father's Day

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    Default Happy Father's Day

    Folks, I will be gone this weekend and most of next week. So, enjoy your Father's Day Weekend.

    I will be visiting Dad this weekend. I wasn't going to say anything to anyone but, I found out about a week ago my Dad has two tumors in his bladder.

    I will be with him on Tuesday as they go in to try to remove them both.

    I wish he would have switched Doctors a long time ago. His Dr. is an idiot. My Dad has been complaining for over a year that it hurt when he pees and that their is blood in their. His Dr. basically told him that it can be normal for someone his age to have blood in his urine.

    He will be 60 this year and I am more than a little worried. So, I am making the 150 mile trip to CR to stay with him for a few days. Leaving the wife and kids at home(and Dogs). My sister is going to be their so I guess I won't be alone.

    Everyone I am taking my laptop. I just don't know if I will be getting on the computer much.

    If everything goes well he will be home on Tuesday.

    Anyway everyone have a great weekend. I will try to enjoy mine.

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    Default Re: Happy Father's Day

    He's lucky to have such a devoted son. My very best wishes to your father for a happy Fathers' Day and especially for a good medical prognosis.
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    Default Re: Happy Father's Day

    May this be just a bad sparkplug along his long road of life. Keep him smiling. We're with both of you on this trail.

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    Wish your father well for me. I will be turning sixty later this month. I know how hard it is to take advice from your kids. I also remember trying to tell my dad stuff when I was 40 and he was 70. A little like talking to a brick wall - except a brick wall seldom uses the language used by a retired NCO. I will say this - if my doctor told me that blood in the urine was normal, I would be sorely tempted to demonstrate some of the old-school holds that are no longer allowed!

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    Wiltz- sorry to hear that about your dad. Keep us posted on his news.

    To all the dads out there - Happy Father's Day to all!
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