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Thread: 3 M's Mantle Maris and Murcer

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    NY Yankees centerfielder and announcer Bobby Murcer has died. He was battling brain cancer for 18 months. As late as March '08 he was in complete remission.

    The M&M boys became M&M&M when Mick retired and Murcer stepped into centerfield. He never had the talent that surrounded Mick and Roger and ultimately it impacted his production. He wasn't the HR guy like the other two, but he cranked the RBIs when others were on base. Not a HoF'r but he coulda been with some other talent in the batting order.

    We'll miss No.1, he was a great guy.
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    Dimaggio then Mantle the Murcer - tough, tough shoes for Bobby to fill.

    BTW - I visited a Roger Maris museum at a mall in Fargo a few years ago. I don't know if it's still there, but, if you're going to Fargo in a couple of weeks you might check it out.

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    Two out of the three were Okies.

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