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Thread: Online dog sale sites?

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    Default Re: Online dog sale sites?

    Wow! Those are some huge dogs!

    I just thought of something. Many breeds have state and national breed clubs who also have websites that will allow members to post when litters are available. I know that's one of the first places I looked when I was looking for a German Shorthair Pointer. Just a thought.

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    Default Re: Online dog sale sites?

    Today I received a UNSOLICITED and very aggressive call from people claiming to represent "" The call seemed to be coming from a call center in India. They were very pushy and aggressive with their pitch that I should advertise on their site "for only $19.95".

    I have never liked telemarketing but this was a very aggressive pitch even for telemarketers. They were making statements like "good" potential pet owners don't come from newspaper ads. If I cared about my pups I would advertise with them because they had the best potential pet owners etc.

    Dealing with those telemarketers was a unpleasant experience.

    I only have 3 pups left for sale. I don't think I will need anything beyond the advertising I have used already.
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