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Thread: ok I'm curious

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    I also came in the original "exodus" - I wasn't banned, but I got annoyed when threads by fans discussing (not promoting) the Super 32 kept getting deleted.

    I stayed, in spite of "the poster now known as Champ Kind" because, as others have said, it's much more civil.
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    Wow, we're coming on the 2nd anniversary of my being banned at The Other Forum (July 4th weekend, 2006). Time flies...

    I've never understood it. I mean, there are folks who are much more outspoken, much freer in the use of colorful language, and maybe even a bit more obnoxious in their shameless promotion of products/websites who continue to party on over there. I only visit if someone says, "There's a post about you" which is about as rare as $.35 a gallon gas nowadays.

    Oh well. I still wear my ban as a badge of honor. ;-)

    Here's hoping TWT forum can maintain its usually civil environment.


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    Default Re: ok I'm curious

    There was a time when the NWT over there was a pretty funny forum. In a rush, it was overtaken by the politicos, religious and the downright trashy. They continue to dominate the communications. I was all in favor of segregating politics, religion and Big. Well, we got 2 out 3 so I consider that a win and have hung around ever since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stardust View Post
    I also came in the original "exodus" - I wasn't banned, but I got annoyed when threads by fans discussing (not promoting) the Super 32 kept getting deleted.

    I stayed, in spite of "the poster now known as Champ Kind" because, as others have said, it's much more civil.
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    I came over with the original crew when the site was formed. I then used this site's address as a signiture for my TheMat postings. As near as I can figure, that is what got me banned. I was never given a reason, just the message that I was no longer welcome.
    I "lurk" on TheMat, since there are many good postings, but do not bother with the NWT which has deteriated into something akin to day-time television.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schlottke View Post
    I actually first stumbled on TWT when cradleking asked if I ran it... obviously since I didn't I wanted to find out how it could be so good someone asked if I ran it (i kid.. i kid)

    Once I saw the quality of the posters I knew all we needed was a little jump start... so off we all went- couldn't be more pleased with how we have grown and all of the great people I have met as a result...
    This is interesting, this is something I'd always wondered about but I don't think I'd ever gotten around to asking.

    Quote Originally Posted by Flop The Nuts View Post
    I found out about this site when Shane sent an e-mail to me and a bunch of others stating that he was starting a new website. I rarely posted at the other site, but I could see it going downhill over there pretty quickly.
    You must have been one of the ones that asked for the "Secret Gopher 165" email to be sent to you. When I started this place, I took every email address that I had from that and sent them the link.

    Quote Originally Posted by quick_single View Post
    Shane what was your ID over there? And why did you start this one? Were you banned?
    I was JensenS over there as well, I had a touch over I'd say 4,000 posts over there in a little under a year or so most of which were on the College board.

    I did get banned. When all the craziness started going down in July of 06 and legit posters like Mark started getting caught in the cross fire, I decided that was bullshit and made my feelings known very vocally. After 4 or 5 negative posts right in a row I was banned.

    After I got banned I emailed Goferphan and headshuck to let them know, and ask them to try and rally support for me which they apparently did. headshuck suggested that I start my own board and try and use my reputation (which even in the short year I was at TheMat had become very good) to try and draw some of the better posters away. I wanted a place to post, so thats what I did.

    After around a week of being gone, due to the support that I got the other board actually brought me back. Through out the course of the next month or so I spent time at both boards.

    However in the middle of August I was contacted by a member of USAWrestling with a request to delete posts on my board that they claimed were inappropriately attacking them. This had already happened once before, and I had actually acquiesced. This time I didn't.

    Needless to say, that didn't make them very happy. We shared some choice words, and I was banned again.

    The rest as they may say is history. Come this Sunday, it'll be two years since I started the first iteration of this board.

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    I came over with the original crew. I just didn't like al of the above mentioned stuff that seemed to be happening. All the Internet tough guys,one stupid he said, she said crap, lack of intelligent discussion for the most part. I still post over there, usually just to answer the occasional question or two. Plus this place is just better.

    We are missing a few key people from over there; BigApple, StovePipe, Scribe, Bambam, yukiyama, Kentucky Mud Flap , I know I am missing a few.

    Some of the above used to post here they just do it very frequently.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke 1984-2011

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    Default Re: ok I'm curious

    I got emailed by Jensen (one of the 165 crew) and I rarely posted at the other site anyway, too many morans. I go there a couple times a week to see what's up, but it's mostly crap.

    Wiltz, I like your list and would like to add Lewboo and Ironside, even though they are H*wks.
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    Default Re: ok I'm curious

    Ironside posts on themat? Also, I forgot Jeff McGinnis. How in the heck did I forget Lewboo?
    RIP Jacob Schlottke 1984-2011

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