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Thread: Happy Cicada Day!

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    Today's heat really brought out the cicadas. Sooo loud! It was hard to photograph because of the wind swaying the branches and then, just at I'd get the focus I wanted, one would fly at me and land on my leg or my neck. I'm not really all that brave, but I did get a few cool shots.
    Two days ago we had 18 fifth graders come out from an elementary school on the west side and they were pretty into the cicadas because there weren't any in their neighborhood. I wish they had been here today to see the grown women run screaming from their cars to the door.

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    Neat! the NY cicadas don't look like that (green instead of red) and certainly have never seen that many at one time. Maybe, when I was a kid...

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    It's a cicada year - they come out every 17 years in the Chicago-area, I'm not sure about the rest of the world. So when they're out, they're out like crazy.

    Bonnie, I've yet to see one, I've only heard them.

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    NJ's seven year batch was to have had occurred a couple of years back, but it was a huge bust. Hardly a cicada climbed out his hole.

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