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Thread: Mississippi river is giving Midwesterners hell

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    Default Mississippi river is giving Midwesterners hell

    Are any of you affected by it?

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    Default Re: Misipisi river is giving Midwesterners hell

    It seems as though attempting to properly spell "Mississippi" put you through hell.
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    Default Re: Mississippi river is giving Midwesterners hell

    A woman overheard an Italian man talking to his friend. He was heard to say, ?Emma comma first, then I comma, then two assa comma together, then I comma again, then two assa comma together again, then I comma, then pee pee, then I comma one last time.

    The woman had to break in and tell the man that such sexual talk was not acceptable in public, whereupon he replied, ?Wassa matter? I?ma justa spellin? Mississippi.?
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