Don't know if anyone outside of Iowa is paying attention, but the eastern part of the state is getting hammered.

The 500-year floodplain in Cedar Rapids is being evacuated for the second time in just 15 years. Luckily I am not affected directly, at least now, but I was just driving home, not through the floodplain, and the streets are just puddles. It's still pouring and the water is supposed to rise at least a few more feet until it crests.

In Iowa City a railroad bridge is gone and the water is still going to rise until next Tuesday. U of I is experiencing heavy flooding. In Waterloo and Cedar Falls the Cedar River has crested but I guess there has been a lot of rain up north so it could rise again. Luckily, most of Gilbertville seems like it will be safe and my parents house is on top of the town. The road some of my relatives live on is closed but their houses are up a ways.

Luckily my brother is the only person I personally know who has been flooded. He thought he'd save money by living in a basement near the river but the water is now up to the second floor. He's ok though.

GG, I know you are in Cedar Rapids, are you doing ok? Anyone else possibly affected?