This is a spin-off of the All-Time Greatest Baseball Players thread.

As was suggested, let's start with pitchers. Choose only three pitchers you think fit in this category. Use whatever standards you'd like.

Mine (I went with three different eras, though Maddux and Santana do overlap of course):

1) Greg Maddux. A pitcher's pitcher. Amazing control. His cerebral game is unmatched. His numbers aren't as gaudy as some (though he's up there in wins and some other categories). If I had to choose one pitcher to start a franchise with, it'd be Maddux. Of course he's my generation so I'm biased here. He's a true pitcher: Able to get the job done despite not having the best "stuff".

2) Walter Johnson. Absolutely devastating in his time. I've only seen a documentary and read about him; however, his contemporaries' opinions and numbers register off the charts.

3) Johan Santana. I wanted to add a younger player. Santana, barring injury, should end up as one of the most dominating southpaws to ever play. Having watched him in Minnesota for years, I appreciate his awesome stuff. He's won many, many games virtually on his own, and will continute to do so.

(Honorable mention: Doc Gooden-in prime; Rube Waddell; Roger Clemens.)