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Thread: Happy Birthday Furches

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    I usually don't b-days for anybody over 18 (including my own) but I will make an exception here.... Happy Birthday!
    I am 49, bald, ugly, and don't own a single cool thing. Kids like me though.

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    Hey all, I just want to thank you, for some of us, birthday wishes are a new thing and really appreciated. I appreciate all of you here, even those who maybe don't like me, we all have a common love, wrestling. I know some of the friendships here are among the best I have. I don't know if that is a good thing or not it just is. Again thanks and blessings to you. BTW, just Mike a reason for that if anyone ever wants to know, but I have never really been worth of the Mr. and I don't mind the pastor thing just as long as folks don't make the association that I have to be a "typical" pastor.

    Thanks again.
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