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Thread: Who's buying one

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    I will tell you to wait 6 months as the "new" version will be released. Just a little insider info.

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    thanks for the tip!

    I'd wait at least that long anyway as late October/early November is when my income gets a nice little surge
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    SMS - don't text, I call
    Calendar - I know what day it is. Oh business schedule ? it's in my head.
    Camera - prefer my Olympus, used a cell camera once in my life and just to see if it works
    Photos - a 3 x 5 is too samll never mins a 1 x 1.5 of questionable quality
    Calculator - I call mine a brain
    Stocks - if you're for the long haul, the price this very minute is moot
    Maps - hey, I'm a guy I know where I'm going and I never get lost
    Weather - wipers are on it's raining, roof is down is nice out, if I walked out with a coat on, I know it's cold.
    Notes - huh ? me forget ?
    Clock - guess I better pawn the Rolex
    Settings - there only two, sitting and standing I need some device to tell me ?

    No, I'm not going to get some convoluted device so my boss can wake me out of bed. He talks too much already.
    Get the hint. Information overload is killing us.

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    Information overload is killing us.

    That's for sure, and that's in part why I don't buy all this stuff. I'm connected to a computer too much as it is.

    Mick Jagger's words take on relevance: "about some useless information, supposed to [ply?] my imagination"

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