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I know what you are talking about, one of the problems we have is the local stations out of Wichita serve most of the state, so we have to deal with preempting programs due to NW Kansas weather and all. This year though, the big problem locally has been rain and hail, a lot of hail, even here. The actual number of tornados is actually up though, both here, and nation wide apparently. I know that here, we have already met the "average" number of tornados for the spring season, and we have another plus month to go.
It was PATHETIC last night! There were two very small storms one along the border of Texas in the far SW end of the state, no tornados, just a thunderstorm and another along the Kansas border at the far north end of the state, again no tornados. But it led, and ENDED the news! Sports on the other hand gets about 2-3 minutes (Im NOT kidding!)