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Discuss Ladies and Gentlemen of the Forum at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by I am in so much pain I can hardly see -I ...
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    I am in so much pain I can hardly see -I go in for my surgery tomorrow and I haven't had pain meds for a coupla days -I'll calm down but Damn - what is your problem Furches ? You pick on my friend and now this -I am so tired and hurt and mad I can;t even see the screen anymore -if you want to pray -pray I die tomorrow -I am .
    We'll be here when you get back, hang in there.

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    I honestly did not intend to pick on Champ, in fact, I agree with most everything Champ posts, there was a time we got a long, I don't know why we don't now. Would like to know, would like to work things out, privately as I don't think forums need these soap operas. I left a positive feedback for Champ and made a mistake in my wording, (Yes I made a mistake) and left "with me" out, I have apologized for that publically. I actually agree strongly with what he stated in the coaches dressing up thread and thought that was obvious from what I posted on the forum.

    Payton, I live in a world where I would prefer to get along, I have enough crap I have to deal with between my one of 3 jobs, you can even ask Chenoweth that, I am in physical altercations on a regular basis with 10-22 year olds now which can beat the crap out of me and all I can do is try to do a MAB or "safe hold" on them. Believe me I don't like those altercations either, but am not afraid to enter the frey when I need be. That doesn't mean there isn't stress though, and frankly I hate the stress of conflict, although I am doing somewhat better.

    I will admit, I will say what I think, good and bad, but often times that is mixed. For example, I have been thinking of you and your surgery, I have some idea how much that sucks and wish that on no one. I really do wish you the best. It was out of respect that I didn't post on the thread you started but there seems to have been some idea I posted the thread on Adam and Eve to get even or something. I honestly don't know where that comes from. I tend to agree with much of the political, and yes, even religious stuff you post, but have tried to stay away from any controversy with you. I am perplexed when I make a positive comment though, leave positive karma and then someone takes what I said wrong. Again, I understand why, it is admirable that a friend would stand up for a friend, but with me admitting the things I have said, with me admitting I made a mistake, I don't know what else to do. I will say to the forum moderators, if a positive comment can be taken this way, how bad do people receive a negative comment. I must also remind, I didn't start this thread, but felt it nessecary to clear things up which I tried to do with an apology to Champ, and then I get blasted after that.

    As to my desire, my prayer, in all honesty I know you don't want them, but they are still that the surgery goes great, you are out of pain, and that you have total joy in life. I hope you do stay strong and come back strong, there is no single person deserving of the pain you are going through, I hope the docs and surgery comes out perfect.

    Bottom line, I'm willing to let things go, wish you the best and move on from there. Hope all goes well, and that you are soon out of the physical pain.
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    I taught 'continuation'' school in California -me and a bunch of Gang bangers from crips to blods to AB[aryan brotherhood ' to the Vietnamese gangs . so i can understand about a job hoping you'll see tomorrow.

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