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My first impression; yeah right, like some vacation person would know about what might influence kids in a long term way. Then I looked at the list and what I saw as a very young child.

Lincoln Memorial: Lincoln is my favorite historical figure to this day. It is the only thing I remember - except from getting to my relatives house 0 on our trip to DC when I was little.

Grand Canyon: At 10 years old I can 'still' remember my first impression upon seeing it. It mesmorized me. I was fearless there as well - lots of pictures of sitting on the railing with a long drop.

Redwood: I have never ending (vague) memories of this as a four year old. What the heck? Sequioa at age nine still resonates with me.

Niagra Falls: I cannot forget our trips there, but in my young kid mind I blocked it out a bit (the horseschool falls) because I had a hard time accepting that the Cannadian falls kicked butt on the American falls. Of course my dad was a hard core Marine at the time. FWIW, I know a guy who did the "barrel thing". He would never do it again and is still paying for it.

Independence Hall: I was nine. I remember the bell, and the Declaration of Independence - like it was yesterday.

Freedom Trail: We took the long version. The little feet on the trail were cool. My feet hurt a lot! I "got" most of it and am a fan of history to this day.

Disney World - Replace with Disneyland for us old west coast folks and you have the same thing. I remember my first trip (fragmented) and I was four.