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    ...which state is the best to live in? How about a top three list with your home state (people are biased) listed at the end.


    1) California: I'm talking the middle to the north. I'm not a big fan of SoCal, especially the Santa Barbara to San Diego portion. However, all things considered, I really love San Francisco and north.

    2) Vermont: Gorgeous nature, and I love the countenance of New Englanders. High education levels up there, too.

    3) Oregon/Washington State: I love the Pacific Northwest. Decent cities, good standard of living, gorgeous scenery.

    (As you can see from my choices, I have very specific tastes in weather: Not too warm, some seasons, don't mind a little rain.)

    I'm from Minnesota, which is obviously the best of them all

    I would've included Alaska and Hawai'i, but their location played a large part.

    What say you?

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    I am really getting fed up with the cold of WI (its nice out now but i hated the winter this year w/ a passion), I'm hoping to somehow make it to Charlottesville, VA someday. Not so sure about the rest of the state, but i'm thinking mountains and warmer weather would be nice.

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    My dad was military, so we lived all over. When I got out of the Army, I had planned to return to Seattle. Events lead me to Southern California, all the parts that you don't like, jpv. I can't stand NoCal. Wet and cold, and San Francisco is the most overrated town in the world, short of Paris. You ask for a top three. Can't do it. The world begins south of Santa Barbara, north of Mission Bay, and west of the I-5.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    It's a long way from East Colorado

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    New Mexico
    Western Nebraska or Kansas

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    I have lived in Michigan, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Indiana, Georgia, and California (including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego), and let me tell you bluntly: California and New Jersey are the last on my list. Yeah they seem great at the surface, but once you get to know the places then you see that there are much better places to live in. I conclude with my top three:

    North Carolina
    South Carolina

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    Wait, it's not a state? Hmmm. I've lived in northern Virginia and Missouri, and I still love my home that brings me sub-zero winters and impossibly humid summers. Now, if I were a rich girl and had some vacation places, I'd go with South Carolina, specifically Charleston, and the Lake Michigan coast of Michigan.

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    I love North Cali and Oahu, Hawaii. MN is only good from now until Oct.

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    Southern Indiana in the fall then I am headed to either Flagstaff or Precot AZ. Maybe Phoenix , where my tired old arthritic joints won't have to take the cold .Fripp Island SC was beautiful but expensive -I wish I had gone to Alaska when I was younger-not some Cruise ship but Alaska proper -where you still have to fight to survive .

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    I'd winter in Key Largo and summer in Montana, the Kalispell area.

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