Sleeping Alone? Your Gadgets May Be at Fault
Wed May 16, 2007 11:02PM EDT
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Generally, I assume most couples usually sleep in the same bed, but a report by WCCO says more and more couples are sleeping in separate beds, sometimes room. They point out that 67 percent of American women have sleeping problems, and 75 percent of all adults wake in the night or snore, but another reason your partner is sleeping on the couch might be attributed to your constant connection to your office. That's right, the report says the increase of email and text messaging in the bedroom are two reasons couples say they prefer to sleep alone.

Instead of giving in to your working habits in the bedroom, maybe it's time to cut the technological umbilical cord. Forbes published an article along the same lines. They say that according to therapists and psychologists, "around-the-clock access to the office often results in fatigue, a lack of intimacy, resentment, increased conflict and even premature career burnout." We've heard this over and over again. Leave the television out of the bedroom so you can sleep better and improve your sex life. Maybe it's time to leave the other gadgets outside too.