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    pearce2100 said,

    I have not yet confirmed Konrads overall Camp review , BUT I do know FOR A FACT , Tommy wowed them . Most impressive S-P-E-E-D . ALL Rookie Linebackers , Quarterbacks and Ends (Including Jets 2nd round LInebacker from Michigan) ran 20 , 50 yard sprints , Rowlands won 14 of 20 . Needless to say jaws dropped , scouts/agents could'nt contact him quick enough for his plans . At this point all I know is his general response , " Worlds , then Olympics then its GAME ON !!!! I have mixed reports on camp Konrad so I will not comment until its facts , but he did make it past the first cut of 25 so that has to be seen as a positive . IF this comes together Tommy and possible Konrad , would take a year in practice squad and IF they made the team would be dressed for Jets debut in their new statium for the 2009 season . I wonder if Scandar Ackbar is planning on purchasing Sky-Boxes at new statium , how bout it Scandar ? The wrestling community should be real proud of both of them , especially Tommys impressive results in the 50 yard sprints . Go luck to both in the future , to be continued !!!!

    Not sure if there's any validity in any of this, but, since it was passed along to me, I thought I'd post it here.

    To read the entire thread -- including the expected off-subject meanderings -- here's the link:
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    I went to check it out, and couldn't even get half way done before it turned into a race battle... heh...

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    The local paper featured Rowlands and Konrad in an article when camp opened, but hte news has been quiet since.

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