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Thread: Lebron is dissed...

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    Default Lebron is dissed... the national sportwriters. I heard one say that Lebron "coasted" during the regular season. That's insane.

    Jim Rome and Sir Charles Barkley have been dissing him from the start. Their efforts have paid off, and, as far as the media is concerned, Lebron has been put in his proper place as second team all-NBA.

    Lebron's response was that he felt it wasn't fair that his coach didn't get any votes for coach of the year. His teammates did feel nearly as diplomatic.

    The last word hasn't been heard on this one yet, hee, hee, hee.

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    I've noticed one of the local Denver sportswriters, is always saying something provocative, and usually negative (like above) about players, coach, team, you name it. At the risk of oversimplifying, I think they're selling a product, Steve, and provocation sells. Obviously, none of them would last even two minutes (or one period of wrestling) in LeBron's (coasting) shoes.

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    That's a pretty classy response if you ask me.
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