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Thread: Man Dies of Thirst in Survival Course but there was Water

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    Yes, I forgot what water tasted like each winter from 1964 (had to cut weight in high school) to 1969 (graduated college).
    Its amazing how water is so good when you haven't been able to drink anything- better than any sports drink in my opinion.

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    The best counter to this philosophy that I have ever heard was from John Gagliardi (sp?) football coach at St. John's in Minnesota:
    "They let horses drink, don't they?"

    This may be along the line of arguing semantics, but when I rode a horse through the rainforest the main rule was not to let the horse drink because it could kill them somehow if they drank water while they were working so hard, can someone with horses explain this?

    BTW, old school football coaching mentality is the exact wrong for most athletes according to the sport psychology stuff I have studied, so I am not arguing the point of the thread.

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