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    Due to some recent developments it is necessary to take a temporary leave of absence. I hope to rejoin the community very soon. I have always taken pleasure reading your comments so I want to thank you all, but especially JensenS and Schlottke. This community has fostered many new friendships and two I value the most is that of Morris (Mojo) and Jack (Spider). Thank you both for your postings as they are always a beacon of reason and wit that is so often deparately needed.

    And so I close for now by wishing you all prosperity, happiness and health but above all those I wish for you peace.


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    I can't believe my friendship is not that important to you. Where are you going, to convert Chinese to Christianity on rice fields in China where there is no internet?

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    Good luck to you pm, we'll keep your spot warm for you 'till you get back around.

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    Good Luck pm-01. If you need something don't be afraid to ask.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Good luck in your endeavors, PM. I always enjoy your poetry and the beautiful photos that you share with us. Hope all is well.
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    And I value your friendship as well, PM. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if I can be of any assistance.

    Best wishes to you and yours,

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    pm, hopefully you'll drop in for one last peek.

    Thinking of all the friends,
    We've had in the past.
    Never thought that one goodbye,
    Would have to be the last.

    They slowly disappear,
    With that one last goodbye.
    Why can't it all begin again,
    With that one simple "Hi."?

    Time goes by,
    Day by day,
    Hoping the friends we have,
    Are always here to stay.

    But that can't happen,
    Nothing lasts forever.
    Not even when,
    We wrote on the board,
    wrestlers - friends forever.

    We wanna take back time,
    To repeat all the stories,
    That made us laugh.
    Do you remember those times,
    When you used post those

    Funny jokes,
    Historic quotes,
    Who would of thought,
    This friendship would ever die?

    Thinking of the future,
    And what it holds for us.
    Wishin to keep the friends we have,
    But who knows, maybe, we'll see.

    We wish we still had those friends,
    we had once knew.
    Always there for you,
    Especially when one was blue.

    The laughs,
    The crys,
    The pain,
    Last goodbyes.

    So now we want to say,
    To all those we once knew,
    Someday we'll be there,
    Right by your side,
    Just like it was,
    Before it all died.

    Add on to those memories,
    That we still hold.
    Adding on to them,
    Til we see that old .

    We'll one day,
    Look back and smile,
    But please don't leave us again,
    Stay alil longer than awhile.

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    PM - hurry back. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

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