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Thread: Schwetty Balls, a Christmas Classic

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    Default Schwetty Balls, a Christmas Classic

    There's a thread up regarding the best thing I've eaten so far this year, and it made me think of the Alec Baldwin skit on SNL, "Schwetty Balls". It fits in with the Christmas season, and it's pretty hilarious, IMO. Check it out if you have some time (and if you're reading this, you probably have some time to kill).

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    Default Re: Schwetty Balls, a Christmas Classic

    Definitely one of Old Shamrock's finest works ever. Followed closely to "Mini's First Time", Gripnhips' and my favorite movie.
    "Now class, I'd like for you to transition from downward dog....straight to FULL BRING!!!"

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    LOL homer...still with the Alec Baldwin look-alike thing eh?

    Well then, the Schwetty Balls skit is definitely up there, but I think my BILL BRASKY work is even better!

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