This is a different thread from the one where I shared my thoughts about my dog and his death.

Here I want to share the nasty side of the whole fiasco. 3 months ago my dog screamed occasionally for 2 to 3 days from something and it was a sound I would not want anyone to hear from their dog. It was loud, desperate, scared and begging for help. It was the sound of death.

We took Mugli to the hospital back then in Red Bank, New Jersey. The doctor examined him, said he seems perfectly healthy to him and the only way to find out anything was to do some tests worth some $5K. He thought it could be some problem with his skeletal system or his brain. He gave us some anti-inflammation medicine and told us to tape his screams and bring them in for review. We gave Mugli the pills and he never screamed like that again until he died last week.

What I am thinking is that a tumor in his stomach that big had to be giving him problems 3 months ago. I spoke with a few medical professionals and they agreed that pains could have been brought on by the tumor destroying the nerves around while being in its early stages.

Even when we brough him to the hospital last week they did whole bunch of tests and could not find anything cancer-wise until they cut him open. This means they would do the tests 3 months ago, charge us $5K and would not find anything back then either. They would not find anything in a regular checkup either.

I am just truly disappointed that in the country with the most advanced medicine so to speak, the system is quick to charge you thousands of dollars while being useless in finding a tumor in a dog. Just truly disgusting to me!