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    No I haven't. Are they in iTunes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WrestlingPod View Post
    No I haven't. Are they in iTunes?
    they should be im not sure im kinda anti itunes. i just thought you mightve b/c theyre reppin the twin cities.

    check em and the rest of theyre lablemates at

    id recommend atmosphere and brother ali theyre some of my faves....but i dont know what your into

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    Checkout a Canadian Indie/rock band called Arcade Fire. First new band I bought a CD of since 2000.Reminiscent of Talking Heads, The Band, Roxy Music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B_EAZEE View Post
    kid rock just did a uso tour here in iraq and spent the holidays in the AOR. that impressed me more than anything his music alone ever could...
    Have a good friend, Kevin Lawson who just was over there with his band and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Hopefully more people are going over.
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    Arcade Fire is really good. I was impressed with them. Aslo check out a band called The Aliens. The album is called Astronomy for Dogs. Its a few guys from the beta band after they disbanded.

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    I've recently stumbled upon The Shins, The Decemberists, and Neutral Milk Hotel. All awesome.
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    Dillinger Escape Plan has a new one out, as does Mudvayne, if you're into the highly technical heavy stuff.

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