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Thread: Lyme disease in Dogs

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    Default Lyme disease in Dogs

    My German Shepard is at the vet right now and they think she might have Lyme Disease.

    The test came back negative so they are doing additional testing on her joint fluid amongst other tests, which I don't have the information for as my wife was a bit emotional.

    Are there any Veterinarians out here or possibly anyone who has had experience with Lyme Diseas in Dogs and what I might be able to expect in terms of recovery or otherwise?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Default Re: Lyme disease in Dogs

    Positive tests results for lyme in dogs are a bit fickle. Some blood tests will be negative in known cases while some are false positives. Also, there are a variety of illnesses, mainly autoimmunity, that have the same symptoms.

    If it is lyme, the earlier the treatment with Tetracycline is started in the course of the disease (some vets prefer Doxycycline or Amoxicillin antibiotic ), the better the pup's chances of a complete recovery. The lyme cells replicate slowly, so the treatment may last a upwards of three weeks and even after the vet discontnues the treatment you need to be wary for a relapse.

    Also, there is a lyme preventative treatment for doggies, Frontline is a flea and tick replellant, that is applied to the nape of the neck once per month. You can also him vaccinated against the disease. It worth the expense since the cost of lyme care, $ and anguish, is far greater.

    Please note, I am not a vet, but I have a dog and live in a tick ridden area so I've investigated both human and animal exposures.

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    Living on a farm, our two dogs are exposed to a lot of ticks- My german shepard has too much hair for the ticks to get anywhere close to his skin, however, our rotweiler mix has lymes disease. With medication, she's a normal, happy dog... at times it flairs up and she becomes very lathargic and her joints start to ache, causing her to whine a little, but again, with the medication, she's back at it within a day or two.
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    Thanks for your input. We put her on Anitbiotics and pain medication yesterday and we are currently waiting for her bloodwork test results to come back.

    This morning she has seemed to go back to her old self, running and playing. I'm not sure if its the pain medication talking or what, but it is encouraging. She's my baby and "runs" the household, so I'm relieved.

    The other thing the vet thought she might have is Lupus. Which I think we caught early enough if that is what it turns out to be. but we won't know for sure until the tests come back. German SHepards are apparently very succeptible to Lupus.

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    i Hope your dog is doing better. i know how i would feel if one of my doggies was sick.

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    Thanks B Eazee. She's been doing better. All the blood work has come back with nothing. So will see, it looks like she's going on the Mitchell Report for the rest of her days, at least she doesen't have to worry about cooperstown.

    By the way, Amy winehouse is intriguing because she's hot, and a junkie...who doesn't like that?

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    Default Re: Lyme disease in Dogs

    how old is she? pic?

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    Default Re: Lyme disease in Dogs

    Quote Originally Posted by _SL_ View Post
    how old is she? pic?
    Here is one of my idiot, i have a malinois but see a lot of shepherds when i train:

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    Default Re: Lyme disease in Dogs

    Here are mine! On the left is Prince- his ears don't stand up and on the right is Leah, the one with Lyme Disease... she recently tipped the scales at a solid 130.

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