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Thread: Drugs in MLB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avallone View Post
    As I said on this forum before A-Rod is clean!!!!!
    According to this report, he's clean. Mitchell himself conceded during the press conference that this report doesn't cover everything or everyone. There are no Cubs of consequence on this report, but I hardly think that no Cubs have done steroids or any performance enhancers.

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    Chuck Knoblauch? Maybe that's why his throws became so erratic at the end of his career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spider View Post
    Kinda makes Pete Rose look not so bad (if he was clean).
    I'm still pissed about Joe Jackson.
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    This is reviving ugly memories that drove me away from professional baseball for a while. Those memories consisted of the McGwire-Sosa circus. While the media were having orgasms over that whole process, I was disgusted. Did the media seriously think all that crap was in any way legitimate? Plus, who wants to watch others have orgasms (don't answer!)?

    As far as I'm concerned all of their records should be stricken copmpletely from the archives. ALL OF THEM!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by furches View Post
    I'm still pissed about Joe Jackson.
    Joe Jackson at least took money. Buck Weaver didn't take any money and was banned because he didn't tell anyone about it. His family is still trying to get his name cleared.

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    Maybe if more Pirates were on the list they could have a winning season.

    They even suck at cheating!

    Seriously though...I'm suprised Brian Giles didn't make the list. He ballooned up and had a few good years. Now he looks much slimmer and isn't doing as well.

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    Much like Mark Prior and Kerry Wood! I was surprised not to see either of their names. And of course - no Sammy Sosa!

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