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Thread: Vick gets 23 months

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    Are you happy with this sentence?

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    I am very involved with dog training and was as disgusted as the next guy about Vick's actions, but I think losing as much money as he did and 12 months in jail would have been enough. I'd like to see him get some chance to redeem himself and not be ruined for the rest of his life. However, I see how one may think that after failing a drug test and lying to the judge before sentencing he blew the second chance I thought he (and most every person) should get.

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    I think it was fair. I'm living in Hampton, VA right now and thats just like 5 miles from Newport News, where that house was and I have talked to people that knew his family and I guess he has always been like this. He has always been a punk. He lost a lot of money and his NFL career but this guy will never be broke so I don't feel bad for him at all. If he does try out for the NFL again he should be a RB...He is better than Reggie Bush is at running the ball...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MNFan View Post
    He lost a lot of money and his NFL career but this guy will never be broke
    It was my understanding that, like many players, he was spending more than he had assuming he would make money as time went on. Obviously, this is not the case as he lost all of his endorsements and his contracts. So now he has to pay most of his money back from his singing bonus, has enormous legal bills, about a million for the care of the dogs, etc. I think he is close to broke.

    I met a person who used to be into bully-breeds who said he talked to so and so who fought Vick's dogs. That person said that Vick was a stupid punk who had always been into fighting dogs and was more sadistic than most, because most fights -- * which I am completely opposed to * are more like a wrestling match in that there are points scored so that if a dog turns away, gets pinned, etc. the fight is stopped and a point is scored. This way, the dogs won't necessarily die or get mortally wounded every time as Vick seemed to prefer.

    So I do think he is a complete scum-bag, but I still think he deserves his second chance and he already lost more than the people in his entourage have -- who are also serving less time.

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    Well maybe he is close to broke...I guess sometimes you just mess up too bad at the wrong time so you are not able to get a second chance...He is getting up there in age when he gets out and he wasn't a great QB to start with.

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