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Thread: Steelers Defense

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    They blew it.

    Props to Brady.
    He is on a roll unlike anybody I've ever seen.

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    We got in this huge argument about Brady. Apparently a lot of people believe Brady isn't even on the same page as Favre. The only reason the Pats have 3 SB titles is because of their defense and not because of Brady because he is just an average QB

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    Brady - 45 TDs and 5 INTs

    I'm not sure I can even comprehend this stat.

    Brady is having the best year of any quarterback - EVER.

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    ....and if not for the sleezy sign stealing ordeal, the Pats would have two more first rounders next spring.

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    doesn't that just seem unfair though lol. They are already getting a top 5 pick...

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