I just thought that this was a really interesting story. A few lines really stuck out to me.

"Civilization equals order," Zhang said. "We need to express the same slogans, think the same and behave the same way. That's how we become civilized."


"We are not going to shout profanities in front of foreigners because the Olympics is a show for foreigners," said Lui Wei, a 21-year-old spectator attending a recent Guo'an game.

"The government has told us it's not polite," Lui said. "The government wants to show a good image of the country."

The last one is particularly interesting to me. Lui isn't going to swear or spit because "The government told us it's not polite.."

Interesting thoughts on what civilized means as well. I guess it would do some of my fellow Buckeye fans good to take a moment to think of how their actions reflect on the state and the university.