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    I just read about this on the Fanhouse, and it's such genius, I have to share. Apparently, Rice University had a decent FB coach, Todd Graham, and he left for Tulsa just hours after signing an extension with Rice.

    Tulsa played Rice this weekend, and the Rice marching band's halftime routine was a play on Dante's Inferno in which the band searched, in vain, for Graham through the nine rings of hell. The routine ended with the announcer saying this over the PA:

    You know, that reminds me of a joke: A priest, a nun, and a rabbi walk into a bar. Now, I forgot how the rest of it went, but I think in the end Todd Graham is a douchebag.

    Here is the transcript of the whole routine:

    I knew that it's pretty tough to get into Rice, but damn. That's genius - how often do you hear of stories that involve Dante Allegheri and one of my favorite words, douchebag.

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    oh wow.... PLEASE oh PLEASE let this show up on Youtube.
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    By the way, Tulsa won the game
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    "That's genius"
    Over the top ballsy.......but shear genius.

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    hahahaha... that is a good one.
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