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    Can someone please explain to me why Devin Hester is such a threat to score everytime there is a punt or Kick off?

    I mean, its great being a Bears fan and watching them score( gosh knows their offense can't), but why don't other teams special teams score like he does?

    Also, I know there apparently isn't a player able to play quarterback in the Chicago metro area, but why can't he make a similar impact as a reciever?

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    I'm a Vikings fan and i can't figure out why people still kick the ball to devin F'in Hester...the reason hes not a good reciver is because 1. You need a QB to throw in the ball(*Refrence Vikings) 2. He is careless. 3. He fumbles and has bobbles the ball.

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    Devin Hester is an amazing punt/kick returner because he can recognize holes and can burst through them with some fantastic speed. And this does not translate to Hester's offensive skills because his hands are not all that great.

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    Indeed, his hands are not great, but I refuse to believe that at this level making ones hands great shouldn't be an insurmountable task. I take that back, Shaq still can't shoot free throws.

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    have you seen the way he follows his blockers...he is putting on a clinic at the beginning the way he follows the lead blocker...a thing of beauty...
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    You don't need a QB, all you have to do is have Hester line up 30 yards behind the line and throw it to him on every play. Hell if you got a decent long snapper, just snap it to him.
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    LMAO, I've thought they should do that too ISU.
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