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Discuss The Kindle at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by therick I do that already with the NY times and Washington Post.....Only ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by therick View Post
    I do that already with the NY times and Washington Post.....Only I call it a laptop computer. I can read them anytime I want and there's no wasted paper to recycle. I'm sure the Wall Street Journal is available online too. But, it doesn't feel or look like paper. Same thing for books. Almost everyone in all of my classes has a laptop computer. Some of my textbooks have been available in CD form, so I just get them that way.

    Cool invention though.
    I hear you. I've been reading the WSJ and a bunch of other newspapers (and websites) on line for some time now, but it all comes through a block of heavy plastic called a computer. My only point is that it would be great to carry around something that you can fold and unfold that weighs less than a pound, and that can immediately access the internet.

    I still get the Wall Street Journal, Foreign Affairs, Wired, SI, The Atlantic, etc... delivered to my home, because the portability (and readability) of a newspaper or magazine is so much more convenient than a computer. Someone, someday, is going to solve that problem.

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    Your idea reminded me of the newspapers in the Harry Potter movies. I think there was something like that also in some Tom Cruise movie that I can't remember the title of at the moment.

    I agree with you that a virtual newspaper would be pretty cool. Until then I'll keep reading stuff on my laptop and my phone.

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