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Thread: RIP Joe Nuxhall

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    Late last night (Thursday), Joe Nuxhall died in Mercy Fairfield hospital in suburban Cincinnati from complications caused by pneumonia. He was 79.

    Joe was famous as being the youngest baseball pitcher in Major League Baseball when he started for the Cincinnati Reds as a teenager (age 15, I believe -- this was during World War II). After a nearly 20-year career as a hurler for the Reds, he later became part of the Reds radio broadcast team, paired with Marty Brennaman (father of Thom Brennaman) just completing his 31st season on the radio.

    Joe had been battling cancer the past couple years. He had been admitted to the hospital earlier this week, and was awaiting a heart pacemaker.

    RIP, Joe. We fans will miss you.


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    Default Re: RIP Joe Nuxhall

    Did he actually start for the Reds at age 15, or was he signed to a contract at age 15? I have the back of my mind that he entered the bigs at age 19, but I could be wrong.

    p.s. I looked it up, and yes, he pitched for the Reds at 15--quite a feat. I don't know where I got 19 from.
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