Mystery $100M donation lifts Pa. city By JENNIFER C. YATES, Associated Press Writer
Mon Nov 12, 2:26 PM ET

ERIE, Pa. - Mike Batchelor invited the heads of 46 charities into his downtown office for one-on-one meetings to personally deliver the news. Nearby, on a small table, sat a box of tissues.

And then he proceeded: A donor had given a staggering $100 million to the Erie Community Foundation, and all of the charities would receive a share.

That was when the tears began to flow ? and the mystery began ? in this struggling old industrial city of 102,000 on Lake Erie, where the donor is known only as "Anonymous Friend."

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Either way it is nice to see that Erie is finally getting some extra financial backing. I was born there, and lived in the area for most of my life. It is interesting to see it on the Yahoo website though.