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Thread: Garth Brooks

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    Just got home from the Garth Brooks concert. It was awesome. It's no wonder he was entertainer of the year for 10 years. It's definitely the best concert I've ever been too.
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    no hes shit.... worst singa eva

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    Quote Originally Posted by square View Post
    no hes shit.... worst singa eva
    worst spella eva
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    He really does put on a great show. I've been fortunate enough to see him several times, including the one in Central Park.
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    How can you not like Garth Brooks?
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    I have seen him a couple of times and he is great, far from the best I have ever seen but he is great. He actually lives about 2 miles from where I used to live in Oklahoma and we would see him around town, I met him at the soda fountain at guess where Curtis? The Quick Trip next to my old church down there. The amazing thing is he is exactly what you would think, an old cowboy, working his ranch outside of Tulsa in the Owasso / Claremore area and very polite and nice. Folks down around the area pretty much leave him alone when he is out, hard to imagine but true. He built his house there to stay close to his ex wife Sandy from Owasso and to see to it that the kids are around both parents. He actually sends his kids to a private Christian School in the Collinsville area. Curtis, make sure to also thank you mom.
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    I am a Garth fan too, but I lost a little respect for the man when he openly cheated on his wife with Trisha Yearwood. I know that they're all happily married and everything now, and good for them, but seriously. He made a fool of his wife before her, and because of that, I have only bought his music secondhand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by square View Post
    no hes shit.... worst singa eva
    came out just to post this gem, thanks!......

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    He's one of my top musicians of all time. My personal fave concert I've been to was the Billy Joel show I went to earlier this year.

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