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Thread: All gave some, some gave all.

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    Default All gave some, some gave all.

    In the sun, in the rain
    In the winds for all time

    It is with humbled gratitude I extend my thanks and best wishes to all my brother veterans.

    Please permit this thread to pass without political debate so we may respectfully honor those who have sacrificed. For ?all gave some?some gave all.?

    Each Veteran?s Day my mind inevitably drifts to the Tomb of the Unknown Solider in Arlington, an American soldier known but to God.

    I took this from the Society of the Honor Guard for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

    I soar now, high among the clouds, aloft with the eyes and wings of an Atsah, the proud eagle, peering down on the plush green hills. They roll beneath me in the softness and tranquility of that which holds what I once was. I stand on aerial watch with the lone companion to my sacrifice. He walks his steady pace for me, never wavering from his duty, always aware. He does not know me and that is why he walks. I was chosen at random to represent what he now guards. I am unknown.

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