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    Even easier:

    1. Advanced Math Calculator - Performs advanced math functions
    2. Age Calculator - Precise time detail about your age

    3. Airport Calculator - Calculates distances and travel times for you
    4. Astrological Calculator - Your Western and Chinese birth signs
    5. Auto Loan Payment Calculator - Determines auto loan payments
    6. Banner Impression Calculator - Webmaster, affiliate, advertiser...
    7. Calories Burned Calculator - How many calories have you burned?
    8. Car Horsepower Calculator - How much power does your car have?
    9. Credit Card Payment Calculator - Calculates payments over time
    10. Compound Interest Calculator - How much will you really pay
    11. Computer Data Calculator - Convert KB to MB, or MB to KB
    12. Computer Data Calculator 2 - Find computer data equivalents
    13. Consumer Price Index (CPI) Inflation Calculator - 1900 to 2006
    14. Currency Conversions - Calculate currency exchange values
    15. Day of the Week Calculator - What day was that on? This tells you
    16. Driving Distance Calculator - Calculates driving distances to any city
    17. Encryption Calculator - Excellent tool for online security
    18. Food Measurement Conversions- Gram to ounce, liter to gallon, etc.
    19. Free Amortization Calculator - Chart loan payments over time
    20. Free BAC Calculator - Determines your blood alcohol levels
    21. Free Bandwidth Calculator - How fast is your internet connection?
    22. Free CHMOD Calculator - Figures permission settings for server files
    23. Free Math Calculator - Performs all basic math calculations
    24. Greatest Common Factor Calculator - Calculates the GCF
    25. How Long Since Calculator - Calculates time since any past date
    26. How Long Until Calculator - Calculates time until any future date
    27. Image Resizer - Amazing tool that changes the size of any image
    28. IP Address Lookup - What is my IP Address. Lookup any IP Address
    29. Land and Area Calculators - Calculate how many acres
    30. Length Equivalents - Find length conversions with this calculator
    31. Online Chess Game - Not a calculator, but fun to play anyway
    32. Ovulation Calculator - Calculate ovulation and pregnancy dates
    33. RBG Color Calculator - Find values of colors for computer use
    34. Roman Numeral Converter - Find the roman numeral of any number
    35. Sales Tax Calculator - Quickly calculate sales tax
    36. Smart Math Calculator - With memory and remote control - Neato!
    37. Stock Profit Calculator - Quickly see your profits or losses
    38. Stopwatch Calculator - Uses two watches to take snapshots in time
    39. Temperature Conversion Calculator - Equivalents: °F, °C, K and more
    40. Time Date Difference Calculator - How much time has passed since..

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