I am not originally from Kansas in fact, my favorite teams over the years has been Furman, Tennessee, and Tulsa. That said, I am not jumping on any band wagons, but after watching KU a few times this year I am starting to wonder, "Are they for real?" After a few wins, with a somewhat suspect defense, I still think they are. It kind of amazes me at how the OU folks are writing them off, something that you would think OU fans would be careful of after so many losses where they wrote off teams like Kansas State, Boise State, and even one year at a game I was at, Tulsa. I am not putting down OU, I like Stoops and the team, but it still seams as if Kansas is getting no respect.

The game against Missouri will be a challenge, but if they win that game, it would not surprise me at all to see them win the Big 12 Championship game and play for the National Championship. Something a basketball school hasn't done even in basketball in some time.

Just trying to get the thoughts, of course Iowa State is a team to worry about for the next week, but the 500 pound wonder of a coach seems to be doing a great job at keeping his kids focused on one game at a time.