After owning a Pontiac, a Camaro and an Impala I am switching to a Toyota Camry. I did a test drive and it felt great. The one I am getting tomorrow has a V-6 engine with 268 horsepower (Yay). I am leasing it. for 36 months. I had my Impala for 5 years and with the warranty running out I felt I will try a Japanese car. I think its a good deal with $330 per month and no money down other than my Impala that I traded and I still owed $5600 for it.

Now let me tell you the car sales people are the worst. I felt like I just wrestled in a tournament after all the sleazy negotiations. They never give you a price that you want right away and look for a fool to settle for a high payment. You have to basically threaten to walk out for them to get reasonable with you. I hate this part which makes the experience of buying a car a much less enoyable one.

Oh yeah, Toyota Camry is way better than Nissan Altima. Also, I checked out a Nissan Altima Coupe and I couldn't fit in it