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Thread: How far is your commute?

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    So, basically most of you live in wonderland and never really experience what many Americans (Extreme commuters) experience on a daily basis.
    I don't know if that's true, that I will never experience the extreme commute. THough I have no intention of moving from the city any time soon, and if I do, it will be to a close suburb, like Bonnie did, many of Chicago's jobs have moved to the suburbs. That is another interesting commuting trend-how the "reverse commute" has grown. Some of Chicago's biggest employers, Allstate, United, Sears, are in out in the burbs.

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    I drive 23 miles 1 way. South Suburbs of Minneapolis to Bloomington. The commute is not bad at all but I am jealous of my wife who works from home and is sometimes still in her pajama's when get home. Good thing I work for a great company that does not pressure you to be at work at a certain time. If I'm late because of weather or traffic, it just means I get to leave early. Thats the only way to get a good raise nowadays is to work less hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shopping View Post
    If I'm late because of weather or traffic, it just means I get to leave early.
    I'm not sure I follow the methodology, but if heck, if it work... lol

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    Just a little fun we have as engineers. No clocks to punch so if the boss is away the kids will play. Kind of like the first nice day of spring you can never find a golfer in my office anywhere.

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    I work from home for my B&B duties....and 5 blocks from home at my husband's office. Sometimes I have to drive a mile to one of my rental properties but most are within a block to half/mile away.

    In the world of commuting, I really have it very easy.

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