What are my favs lately? In order:

1. NCIS reruns. Probably has become my all-time favorite.
2. The Mentalist. I've thoroughly, THOROUGHLY, enjoyed watching this, with it's basic concept that, ordinarily, would not have appealed to me. A huge surprise.
3. Covert affairs. Since I was so sympathetic to Valerie Plame, the story of a blond CIA agent putting herself in danger has automatic appeal.
4. Burn Notice. Not sure why this concept, unfaily treated former CIA spy, is watchable but it is.
5. White Collar. Some good stuff.
6. Suits. Watchable.
7. Leverage. Tolerable.

Special mention:
while I appreciate Criminal Minds, I CAN'T TAKE IT over the long run. Way too intense, to the point of being nightmare-producing. And, yes, that's a first for me. Would absolutely understand others being big fans.


I've tried and rejected Bones, the CSI shows, Rizzoli and Isles, Castle, and some very forgettable others.