We recently had two separate incidents where a young gentleman in the care of the state said something to another young gentleman that was taken as offensive. In both cases, the aggrieved party demonstrated his aggrevation by striking the offender in the mouth with a closed fist. In both cases, the stricken party lost the four top-front teeth.
Since both of the toothless wonders are headed for prison when they turn 18, it was suggested by many that this modification may, in fact, make them more popular in their future setting. Nontheless, the State of California has seen fit to remove what what left of the damaged teeth and, after a period of healing and contemplation, given each of them a partial plate replacing the missing teeth.
Since I, as a California taxpayer, am paying for this work, I was curious as to the approximate cost. Recognizing that things differ in locale and that I have given you almost no information to work with - can you give me a guesstimate on what this would run?