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Thread: Pa. police issue traffic ticket for over $37,000

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    Default Pa. police issue traffic ticket for over $37,000

    Pa. police issue traffic ticket for over $37,000

    Apr 2, 9:03 PM (ET)

    BETHLEHEM, Pa. (AP) - A police captain in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley said it's the highest fine he's ever seen on a traffic ticket: $37,554.54. Bethlehem Police Capt. David Kravatz said the major violation was not getting the "super load" permit that was needed because the truck was hauling a 213,000-pound steel cylinder. Police cited the driver and truck owner.
    Kravatz said the truck sat idle for almost three weeks after it tipped on March 12 because a new route, proper permits and a police escort took so long to plan. It was removed Wednesday.

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    I have seen some huge overweight fines for trucks but by far this is the largest I have ever heard about happening.

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    Default Re: Pa. police issue traffic ticket for over $37,000

    With a 213,000 lb load it doesn't take much inertia to roll a 13000lb cab and 15000 lb flatbed. Somethin tells me this dude got paid a ton of dough to haul a load no pro would dare to handle.
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