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    Not sure if you guys look in the miscellaneous thread or not so I put it here.

    Last night Karissa went 3 - 0 in a quad dual, Coach bumped her up a weight and she pinned the #2 ranked girl in the nation at that weight in her first college match!

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    I'm so proud of her .!! I posted her results under College wrestling but I couldn't get the one link to work .She has come a long way since that fat ass teacher got on her about her weight !! I'm very happy for you Tony !!
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    Thanks Brother, the other girl is from Lindenwood and coached by Toccara Montgomery.
    Dad of Karissa 155lb Varsity College Freshman

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    It is great to see her success. However, I kind of think of her as a little girl - not the beautiful young woman that is in the picture. These kids grow up - how is it I don't get older?

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    Congrats all her hard work is paying off. she is going to be a force in College.
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