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    From the standpoint of a business or an organization, I completely "get" Facebook. However, from an individual standpoint, I don't even come close to getting it. Mainly, I don't see how it was a great improvement over instant messaging and email, and just seems to be yet another toy for people to play with electronically. However, I digress, and am not posting this to insult anyone who does use it.

    I have a friend who uses Facebook, just to post one sentence funny and quirky things that keep me laughing for days on end. (Actually, I told him that he should really use Twitter for that, as that's really what Twitter is for). How do I know of his posts if I don't use Facebook myself? My wife reads them to me; she uses it TOO MUCH.

    Anyway, he posted this last night, which could be his best ever: "I'm so grateful that I have Facebook! Now I don't have to call 426 people on the phone to inform them that I'm now going to bed."

    Amen, brother, Amen!
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