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Thread: Reni!!!! :-)

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    Default Reni!!!! :-)

    Reni has regained feeling and movement in her right leg and she can also stand for more than a few seconds without getting the spins.

    My good side said this was coming as soon as the pain in her neck subsided. My bide side said her leg would never come back.

    I am beyond relieved.
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    Default Re: Reni!!!! :-)

    Great news, Scott.
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    Default Re: Reni!!!! :-)

    Scott Gallan, it doesn't bother me at all to tell you the warm feelings that I feel right now over the recovering health of a girl I've never met. Congrats to you and Reni, and I hope she's back at a full 100% as soon as possible, setting up to chase her own Olympic dreams one day!
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    Awesome Scott!

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    Scott, Im sure that this is a huge relief for you and even though she is not all the way there yet, I am sure that with your continued love and support, she will indeed be back to 100% and like Zapp said "setting up to chase her own Olympic dreams one day!"
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    Super news Scotty. Little steps at a time will get her there.
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    Scott, that is great news. I'm sure she will fully recover. She is a wrestler afterall. Reni will be back running around before you know it. Give her my best.
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    What great news!

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