No - I am not doing yo-you tricks!

As I mentioned a short while ago, we have adopted two greyhounds recently. One of them, about 85 pounds, thinks that he is attached to a sled in the Yukon every time you put him on a lead. It has been a real pain to take him for walks - stopping every 10 feet to get him back under control.
You notice I said "has been". A miricle has occured - a miricle called an "Easy Walk" harness. I can't believe the difference! I put it on him this morning for the first time. It took about 2 minutes to get it adjusted to fit his chest. The harness drops over the head and a strap goes under the chest, just behind the forelegs, and fastens to a strap over the shoulders. The D-ring for the leash is located on a martingale loop in the middle of the chest - not on the back or shoulders like most harnesses. When the dog tries to pull, the chest strap applies gentle pressure up into the "armpits" of the dog - and the dog stops pulling! Cliff pulled one time - and then settled in and walked like a gentleman for the rest of our trip. What a difference!
Here are some pictures of our new guys. I'll send pictures of Cliff in his harness soon.
Cliff (the black guy) is 5, and rescued from the track. He was a pretty successful racer, but ran at some pretty shoddy tracks and was apparently abused. He is very shy.
Toby is a lurcher - he is half greyhound, half whippet and was used out in the Mojave to hunt rabbit. He is two - and a lover. He has aspirations of being a lap dog.