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    Just watched Monumental. Very good, very insightful and educational. I not only didn't know there was a monument in Massachusetts that told the story of how our nation's ideas came into place but how to keep the ideas, too. There is also physical proof (as in books printed by congress) that the idea of the separation of church and state did not mean separation from the state. I didn't put this in the religion thread because I'm just letting people know it's a good documentary. I recommend it to believers, non-believers and the confused. I will gladly entertain any conversation about it with anyone who has watched it but on the other thread, as this one is not for debate.

    It is only $15 and would be a great start to a debate.
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    I prepaid and got it for $12. I found out a lot of interesting facts about the founding fathers. I also did not know that monument existed. I looked it up on Google maps and am planning a visit in the near future.

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