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Thread: I'm Here!

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    good, good
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    BTW, the final straw for me was the way they dealt with Leglace's goodbye post. They deleted it right away. Then people reposted it and they deleted it and deleted any thread that included that post. Here is Leglace's goodbye uncensored:

    I wanted say farewell to this site, more importantly you all. You guys have been my 2nd family. I have been here since its inception. Over the years, I have learned a lot from all of you. Yes even the jokers. The NWT loss was great imo. And the decision of the moderator to delete threads instead of just posts was the decision that was made. I am not complaining really. The moderators do have a tough job with us pushing the envelope of a respectable organization, USA Wrestling. I wish them the best. Its just time for me to move on to where the envelope has tougher skin I guess. I had posts deleteted today that should not have, but its the turn I guess USA Wrestling must make. Thanks for creating this place I called home for so long.

    I have probably spent too much time here lately. I am actually up to my ears with work for local obligations in my industry. So I should take more of a break going forward anyhow.

    JointDoc, keep the trolling disclaimers up to speed. I realize that it was hard to keep up with this week...

    Viratas, I will visit your site. Great job with the interviews. You are big time now. Some day I will figure out who you are...

    CTC, I owe you a favor for the DVD a couple years ago friend. I know I was laid up after the motorcylce accident at the time to repay you. But you made my week at the time. Keep up your work fighting for what you believe in.

    HuskerDu, you have been an all-star this week. On fire... I have enjoyed agreeing and disagreeing with you. Though I agreed much more than disagree.

    Jason Bryant, your an ambassador for the Wrestling Media. You have my respect, as always. Keep it up. Hopefully I see you in my next stop.

    CAP, my North Jersey friend, you had the most impressive rant since JTTS. We know its all in fun. Right?

    Denny, you are a class act and a legend. We have been in this forum so long, yet we have not had enough engaging conversations. I would be honored to run into you someday.

    Cradle, you won me over. You got style and moxy. I am proud for your boy Troy to finally win one. He is the real deal.

    LIMarty, you too got moxy. You have been a very entertaining part of this forum.

    RRockwell, I have learned to appreciate wrestling on the West more because of you. We had fun on different side at the NWT, I hope...

    Acadia, I never told you that you are very respected in my book. You are a smart dude, and damn formidable I should add. You are like's history book. We have been on the same side of debates more than we care to believe.

    SGallon, Keep doing what you do, and I hope the best for Reni. I had fun disagreeing with you, but also found you to be thought inspiring. Global Warming is slowly unfolding though... lol

    LkWdSteve, you have been such a pleasure to share the forum with. I always valued your opinion since I knew you would always be fair and honest.

    Tightwaist, you have been a great ally back in the NWT days. You are also a very knowledgeable wrestling dude.

    DumDum, you [are just over the top. But you are certainly a D III wrestling dude like I am. You have also pushed the moderators to the limit more than anybody. You will always be Jimmy the Gent in my book.

    Balderdash and whatever handle you have today, your not such a bad guy once GW finished his final term and Obasma took office. It was like removing a stone in your heart I guess.

    Gesgano, you have been here since forever as well, and will not be challenged when it comes to finance debates ever again. Its been great riding the Caldwell victory. You called it!

    And many many others, I am sorry I can't get everyone but I have a lot more I can add, really.

    And to others I missed, like the fellas in the MMA board, Dlareg, Bam Bam, Chesterbound, Trip N Sweep etc... It was great talking mma with the most knowledgeable guys. Good luck in your career Trip, and Dlareg, you are the real deal man.

    Many others I did not name, like Gopher Hunter, Vak, RYou etc..., because I hope to see you guys in the afterlife...

    Thanks for being full of so much character.

    P.S. I will really miss the "look alike posts" a lot. I about pee'd my pants a few times.

    See you all some other time, hopefully,


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    Thanks for the support Evil.

    I really didn't expect them to delete that post. However, there was no irony in that if you think about it. lol

    I did not want to be an attention whore so I wasn't depending on it staying up until eternity. However, I am a bit disappointed. Its like giving a company your best years, and having them escort you off the property once they receive notice your leaving.

    I felt like I shared so many memories with so many people there, I couldn't leave without some sort of formal good bye. Anyhow, I am past the sentimental part already. I left there because I saw how they changed their direction to be politically correct. And when I say politically correct, I mean their own politics. That made things too thin skinned for me. I pride myself about being extremely thick skinned (yet I whimpered about a deleted post a moment ago ha ha) and that is something I tell everyone wrestling teaches you. Kind of like Ray Brinzer's take on Backgammon vs Chess. Or as I like to say, Poker vs Chess. Poker teaches you to quit. Chess teaches you tenacity. I will take tenacity any day.

    In the end, I didn't leave TheMat, they left me. Well I am a man of my word, and unless they overthrow the new world order over there. Its a great site regardless, and I do not think that it is overrun with immature kids. There are some witty and knowledgeable individuals there. But there are the same here as well. Only there is not a PC censorship agenda here. To me that is all the difference. I am not new here as you can tell by my post count. I love the people here. I was just a part timer. I am now going to be here to annoy you all with my thick skin a lot more often!

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    Yeah them deleting your good bye thread was pretty chickenshit. At least you got to post one. Sesker just had me banned altogether.
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    Don't you know who I am? I'm the JUGGERNAUT BIATCH!!

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    Well, here is a solution.. Post your "HELLO" thread here and invite your old buddies lol

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    Now its just weird over there. Anytime someone mentions a Hawkeye losing a match at any given time in history, its deleted.

    What are they hoping to accomplish by being such a-holes? its not like there are a ton of wrestling fans already, but now they want to drive off the ones they barely got?

    I'm thinking some of the USAW head honchos are on some kind of power trip and maybe they need to be deleted from USAW.
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    Don't you know who I am? I'm the JUGGERNAUT BIATCH!!

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