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Thread: I'm a "TheMatForums" Celebrity!! lol

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    Default I'm a "TheMatForums" Celebrity!! lol

    I just ran across this one and figured I'd explain some of the incorrect statements about me by a guy named "KennySunday"... He must have taken the day off. (kidding, kidding..)

    "..and they actually acknowledge further down that the site owner is a graduate of Apple Valley (1). Then, to make it appear legitimate, they say the owner was against picking Apple Valley due to appearances of impropriety . Well, too late. (2) The only thing that sucks is that their website probably gets 3 hits a week (3) they're celebrities...which may be what they wanted all along. (4)"

    1) This one's true, I did graduate from Apple Valley.
    2) Just like with TWT, I have very little to do with HSWrestling's content. Could the voters have given AV the nod because of me, certainly. Not that I have any idea, but I'd rank them: #1 Blair, #2 St. Paris/Apple Valley/Ctrl Dauphin.
    3) It's not a huge site, but 3 'hits' per day is pretty small... I'll use a picture for you

    4) Yes, yes.. a wrestling website celebrity.

    "Person mentioned is former Apple Valley High wrestler turned computer guru.(5) Also known as Viratas (not 100 percent sure on that but could be right)(6) and runs thematuser blog forum, TheWrestlingTalk, Wrestling Pod and now this site.(7) What's the catch? All drive people to his wrestling gear company and help increase sales. Really, it's a great marketing ploy and Internet marketing genius. (8) If you look at all the comments on the Apple Valley thread it generated a lot of hits and buzz, driving people to that site and info. But all sites are set up the same with the main idea to sell product. (9)
    I actually think this is pretty impressive strategy. And the info provided is all very good. Kudos to this person, wrestling should hire him to market and promote the sport. (10) A little shady yes, but still creative. (11)"

    5)I was a computer guru before graduating from Apple Valley..
    6) I'm not viratas, though he is probably more likable than me.
    7) I have nothing to do with thematforumuserblog forum or WrestlingPod.
    8) Thanks
    9) Certainly helps pay the server costs for TWT and all of the other sites without charging the community, though.
    10) Thanks
    11) How is advertising wrestling gear on wrestling sites shady?

    That was kinda fun! Now back to the Mickeys!
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