I am a curious person by nature. So I wanted to start a thread that asks the question about things you've done for no particular reason than curiosity. Sounds crazy and confusing and I have no idea how to better explain it, so I will just give two examples of things I've done lately that I've never done before.

1. I had to park on Main Street in downtown Hamilton, Ohio and walk a few blocks to the courthouse to get a permit to build a privacy fence. On my walk I encountered a real life sidewalk profit. He was a little black guy, maybe 120lbs if he was lucky. He had a Bible in his hand and was preaching the word at the top of his lungs. Normally, I would have walked on by. But I realized that I've never actually listened to one of these people because I don't live in a big city and I've never seen one before. So I stood there and listened for a few minutes. I didn't understand anything he said and I walked away just as confused as I was when I first walked up. But I can now say that I've listened to a sidewalk preacher.

2. I actually stopped my car at a busy intersection the other day and my wife and I got out of our car and bought lemonade from two little girls who were selling a cup for a quarter. We didn't get honked at and even caused cars behind us to have to sit through a green light. But I can now say that I stopped my busy life and enjoyed lemonade.

Has anyone else done something like that out of pure curiosity or just to be able to say you've done it?